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The Bull Elephant Seal & Wild Thing – for Haute Vallee

I wrote a collection of animal love songs just for fun. Here is one for the Year 7s, great singers in the theatre, and another for the Year 8 writers. 

The Bull Elephant Seal

Google the glorious elephant seal

And make a note of how you feel.

At first, you’ll think, The male’s not pretty.

But to his wives, he’s cool and gritty.

His folded smile and gathered lip

They judge as bullish, manly, hip.

They check his mottled, wrinkled skin,

His tiny eyes and sandy chin.

They do not think his blubber’s gross.

They love to snuggle up quite close.

So think again, don’t make a face.

For them, this chap is truly ace.

Wild thing

There once was an emerald boa

Called Esme, a right little goer.

She tattooed her skin

From her tail to her chin

And married a python named Noah.