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My Dog Clemmie, who sat on my feet as I wrote A Cake for the Gestapo – For JCP School

She ran through shadows like the light,

A streak of black, a flash of white,

Gleaming coat and velvet ears

A tail that beat away all cares.

A stick to carry was her bliss,

A tummy rub, a swim, a kiss.

But reading people was her skill.

She knew at once when they were ill.

And then when she was nearly ten,

She stumbled twice and then again,

Falling in the evening heat

On stalks of golden, harvest wheat.

Her eyes were large with pain and fright.

I stroked her head and held her tight.

And she who’d given us such fun,

Told me that her life was done.

I’m sure that she was Heaven sent

To give us all such merriment.