It’s 1942 and Jersey has been occupied for eighteen months. Morale is low and there are hungry prisoners on the loose. This is the sequel to A Cake for the Gestapo, to be launched later this year.

The Hot Trotter Gang are older, but are they wiser? Life in Jersey is becoming trickier. Despite all their efforts during the first part of the Occupation, the enemy is still there. There are more and more rules and plenty of prisoners, some of them desperate.

They decide to do what they can to help, but at the same time, divert the younger children by keeping them entertained. If the enemy finds out that they are feeding prisoners and perhaps even hiding one, they will be in huge trouble. Prison and deportation was the punishment for this, although of course there is the option of escape. It’s a long way to England by sea, and a dangerous option.

There are new characters, but the old ones are still as defiant, despite the increasing isolation of the island and the dangers of breaking enemy rules. You will meet Billy Cliquot, Joe’s younger cousin, his Uncle Philo, a builder who is taking advantage of German money, and Sasha, a Russian slave labourer, formerly an acrobat and dancer. There is also Clem’s friend, Legs LaMotte. Can he be trusted?