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Kent University

The writing year started happily with a visit to my old university, Kent, to chat with young writers. It was fun to be on the platform looking upwards at the students, instead of downwards at the professor as I did when I was a student there.  I was lucky to meet some interesting writers of the future – and you could be one, if you believe it and set about it.

I’m hoping to set up some writing tips in the future, so watch this space.

The second visit of 2022 was to lovely Danehill School in Sussex, where I was lucky enough to meet Year 4 and discuss A Cake for the Gestapo, but also to see the terrific writing standards – everyone was full of ideas. Thank you Danehill.

After that it was a busy summer visiting schools and now as the year draws to the end, I’m so pleased that the book is now for sale in the Imperial War Museum bookshops. Jersey is on the map…