What would it have been like as a child in Jersey through the occupation?

Join author Jacqueline King for an hour of immersive storytelling suitable for ages 9 to 90 at Jersey Museum, as she brings to life her fictional book ‘A Cake for the Gestapo’, recounting the adventures of a young band of Islanders living under enemy Occupation during World War II.

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery
The Weighbridge
JE2 3NG St Helier


Event Review

I was privileged to be invited to sing a few war-time songs for this special evening and I’m so pleased to have been involved! It was educational, delivered in a really enjoyable way. I learnt so much about not just Jersey as a community but the lives that were so affected by the occupation.

My husband - who considers himself to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject - left with a whole new level of information, especially about the resourceful recipes they used to make do! Thank you, Jacky, for such an insightful, poignant, fun and sociable evening.

Sarah Hayward

Event Review

...a wonderfully entertaining and interesting evening. I loved the way all our senses were brought to life, with war time baking and air-raid sirens. The audience felt close knit. It must have been like that.

Bernadette Cran, Teacher.

Cake For The Gestapo Review

We really enjoyed A Cake for the Gestapo. The way you wrote it was clever, we never knew what was coming next. The best bit was the farmyard noises. When Clem played the sousa, it sounded like a cow farting. I also liked the bit when George the marine turned up and Viktor was taken away. It was interesting to learn something new about WW2.

Sam Roberts, aged 9, and his family.

Cake For The Gestapo Review

This book is BRILLIANT! I so enjoyed reading it and have given copies to family, friends and their children. It was so historically interesting. I can't wait to read your next book.

Yvette Lloyd - Musician and special needs co-ordinator