A Cake For The Gestapo

A Cake for the Gestapo is a WW2 novel for children and young adults, set on the island of Jersey at the beginning of the German Occupation. The story’s about a gang of kids who resist the enemy with their brilliant catapult skills, pet pig and makeshift band.  A year on, they’re hungry and out for proper revenge…


We really enjoyed A Cake for the Gestapo. The way you wrote it was clever, we never knew what was coming next. The best bit was the farmyard noises. When Clem played the sousa, it sounded like a cow farting. I also liked the bit when George the marine turned up and Viktor was taken away. It was interesting to learn something new about WW2.

Sam Roberts, aged 9, and his family

This book is BRILLIANT! I so enjoyed reading it and have given copies to family, friends and their children. It was so historically interesting. I can’t wait to read your next book.

Yvette Lloyd. Musician and special needs co-ordinator